Southampton Sailing Robot Team

A student led team developing an open-source autonomous sailing platform.

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Sailing Towards a Sustainable Future

Sailing boat is the ancient form of sustainable navigations. With emerging robotics technology, sailboat is gaining increased interest because its potential in providing a continuous access for ocean data at extreme low cost. Unmanned sailing, however, is a challenging task that involved with complex dynamic interactions between environment. To wider the application of autonomous sailing platform, we initiate this open-source project to develop and share our design with educators, hobbyists and researchers.


Low cost

£300 for the whole system. Even smaller and cheaper one is on the way

Fast and swift

Download our code and try immediately with your own hardware.

Open source

Open-source design free for educators, researchers and hobbists

Made with Love

We make our boat with love, you'll love it too

Get To Know Us and What We Do Better

We have a Twitter, an email, and a Github. Go follow us, write to us, and check out our code!

Our Proud Sponsors

Education Enhancement Fund - University of Southampton, Fluid Structure Interactions Group, MARS Group - National Oceanography Centre, Lester Gilbert, Xsens, SailsEtc, Nigel Brown, Catsails, Alistair Lynn, Tim Miller, Tobias Schneider, Harry Cutts, Matt Brown, Fiona Collins, Arnaud Wiertz, Kerrine Lee, Andy Sprot, Bob Preston, Simone Provenzano

A big thanks to all who financially supported us! We couldn't have done it without you all.

If you'd like to sponsor us yourself ( as you should ;) ), drop us a line here!